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Goat Calcium Supplement

Goat Calcium Granuals

Calcium is an important element whose major biological function is to make bones and skeletal integrity stronger. Along with this the calcium is also used for increasing milk production. Along with this the calcium is necessary for muscle contraction, improving nerve transmission and blood clotting. When there is deficiency of calcium in the body it affects the bone and the skeletal system as these contains about 99% of calcium of the body. With the loss of calcium, the bone become soft and weak which lead to deformation resulting in lameness. It is a condition known as rickets. Also, in lactating goat which produce milk, uses calcium for milk production and when the level of calcium is low, they consume the calcium which is stored in bones that push the health in miserable condition. The lactating goat needs high amount of calcium for milk production. It creates hypocalcemia or milk fever while lactating. This condition is caused by metabolic disorder that lead to shortage of calcium in the blood.

There is need of calcium supplement which can improve the level of calcium in the body which can protect the body from the calcium related issues and low milk production. We use “Neutro CPD Granules” a calcium granule supplement with enzymes that helps in replenishing the calcium level and the enzymes improves the digestion of the feed in the intestinal gut for better absorption of calcium in the body from the feed. Also it contains phosphorus, vitamin D3, and magnesium which improve the growth. Along with the calcium supplement we can use “Lactomed” a herbal milk enhancer supplement that helps in boosting the milk production.


    Prevents rickets, osteomalacia, anemia, lameness and leg weakness.
    Helps in formation of stronger bones.
    Prevent Calcium deficiency.
    Improves health and body weight.

Uses and administration

For Dairy Goats

    Or, as directed by a veterinarian consultant.

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Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.
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