Goat Feed Enzyme

Enzymes are fundamental for the better metabolic procedure of the body. Enzymes are made out of proteins, amino acids which are created by every living being for the breakdown of feed. These are in charge of the natural exercises and many body responses. Enzymes are utilized in animal nourishment where they are enhanced through the feed. During animal feed digestion the chemical helps in the breakdown of feed into smaller parts which helps the supplements gets effortlessly ingested in the digestion tracts. With the better digestion of feed supplements in the body helps in bringing down feed costs, enhance nutritive consistency of the feed and makes the gut to work in ideal dimension. A healthy body is especially proficient in producing enzymes, though an unhealthy body can't. So as to give the ideal measure of enzyme required to the body, outside feed compounds and probiotics are utilized alongside the feed which advances wellbeing and furthermore expands the proficiency of proteins. Anfazyme Premium is a standout amongst other goat feed enzymes which helps in better digestion and giving the ideal health condition to the body. This indispensable compound contains distinctive proteins like pectinase, xylanase, protease and other crucial catalysts which helps in better assimilations.


  • Control the feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed.
  • Improves feed efficiency .
  • Improves flock and production uniformity.
  • Improves dietary content of metabolizable energy.
  • Improves health and growth.

Uses and administrations

For Meat Goats

1-2Kg/ton of feed.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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2022-06-20 06:53:57

Ajay Pandit
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Anfotal products are very nice.....
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2021-08-24 09:54:27

Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.
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2019-08-21 06:29:00

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