Goat & Sheep Calcium Supplement

Calcium an essential mineral which is especially required by the body for the proper health and body development. The major function of calcium is to provide a better and stronger bones with a better structural integrity. Bones contains about 98% of the calcium in the body. Calcium is needed for muscles contraction, blood clotting and better nerve transmission. All the amount of calcium is fulfilled by the feed which the goats eats like pastures, grasses, hays, grains etc. There are many available forms of calcium that are available for supplementation. Its deficiency from the body can cause many health-related issues. The major symptoms can be seen in skeletal system and bones as they are the main storage of calcium. With the deficiencies bones becomes soft, weak and may be deformed which can leads to lameness, rickets and osteomalacia. Also, the deficiency of Vitamin D shows the same symptoms to the body as this vitamin compound helps in the absorption and metabolism of the calcium. Calcium is highly required by the lactating goats as the milk needs more calcium for production. Its deficiency can cause milk fever during lactating. This condition occurs due to metabolic disorder that leads to the shortage of calcium in the blood. Excess occurrence of calcium in the body or in the blood can cause abnormal bone and structural growth. To overcome from these situations there is a need of proper supplementation of calcium to the animals and the farmers must keep an eye on this. Better quality of feed provides better amount of calcium with other minerals that are evenly required by the body. To overcome from the calcium deficiencies in goats or sheep we can use external goat calcium supplements along with the feed that can helpful in removing calcium deficiencies. We can use “Calfarm” a special formulation for calcium deficiencies. It is composed of various elements like Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, protein which acts as a powerful veterinary calcium supplement. The availability of Vitamin D3 in it helps in better absorption and metabolism of calcium inside the body. A lot of benefits are associated with the consumption of this calcium supplement.