Goat cough treatment medicine

Goat Herbal Cough Medicine

Respiratory diseases in goat can affect the nose, windpipe and the lungs. With this disease the production in goat is greatly reduced and may even result in death. Coughing and running nose can be caused by stress, dust, viruses, or allergies. This respiratory infection affects goat’s nasal passage and may blocked it which can cause difficulty in breathing. This type of respiratory problem occurs generally when a goat suffers from cold. There are many ways by which these cold symptoms can be reduced. Proper hygiene and suitable atmosphere are the main reason which is helpful in removing and prevention of cold. In severe condition external medication is needed. Cough Plus is one of the Goat Cough Medicine which provides extreme relief from cough and remove all its symptom. It is a herbal formula which controls bacterial infections. Also, this herbal goat medicineis also beneficial in treating diarrhea which is a bacterial infection. We can use Toxin binder which can helps in binding the toxins from the feed and water which contaminate it. It makes a path to enter harmful toxins and bacteria that affects the immunity and cause severe health related problems like coughing, sneezing, diarrhea etc.


  • Removes Cough and Cold.
  • Controls Bacterial Infections.
  • Reduce stress and aids.
  • Faster recovery.

Uses and administrations

For Dairy Goats

Goat Kids: 5ml-10ml/Animal//Day.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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