Goat Growth Medicine

Growth and development are an important factor for all goats especially when it comes to the growth of dairy goats. The dairy goats are farmed for their milk production as the milk of goat is highly beneficial and contains essential nutrients. The growth and development of the body of dairy goats are important as it affects the efficiency of production of milk. Better growth and development are achieved by better feed intake with other growth promoter supplements. The nutrients from the feed of goat provide essential nutritional value to the body which boost the metabolic activity and stimulates the different organ which results in better development of the body and milk production .

The Growth in goat is a complex interaction between the genetic potential of animal, with several hormones and nutrients supply. This complexity manipulates the growth and development. Anfagrow Plus, an effective goat growth supplement which aids in manipulating health and development of the body. This vital growth supplement has nutritional value of different nutrients which stimulates the growth. Other than growth these supplements aids other valuable benefits to the body. This goat growth feed supplement contains proteins and essential amino acids with trace minerals that helps in better building of tissues and cells and improves the neuro transmission.

Benefits of Anfagrow Plus

  • Helps in achieving faster growth and weight gain.
  • Help in improving FCR.
  • Better intake of feed which provide nutritional value to the body.
  • Helps in reducing the feed cost
  • Low mortality rate can be seen
  • Helps in overcoming from Vitamin deficiency
  • Helps in curing fatty liver syndrome in goats.

Uses and administrations

For Dairy goats

Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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Ajay Pandit
I have also used Anfotal products. that is very nice products.....
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Anfotal products are very nice.....
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Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.
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