Goat Growth Promoter

Goat Growth Promoter Feed Additive

“Grow up goat” an essential growth promoter for goats which provides the goat with better health and growth to their body. But before the use of growth promoter the feed is responsible for growth. It provides essential minerals and vitamins with other nutrients that are essentially needed for development of the body. Lack of vitamins or minerals in the body creates deficiency of these element in the body which become responsible for many health problems and diseases. In these, the main vital nutrients that are required by the body are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron etc. With this deficiency, it causes weak muscles, skin problems, weight loss, low milk supply, low growth etc.

To overcome from these diseases and health problem and promote the growth of the body in goat there is a need to replenish these deficiencies. Better vitamin and mineral supplement is used with the feed which removes these deficiencies and promotes overall health and growth. Growup goat and essential growth promoter which alone contains all the vital nutrients like protein with amino acids, many minerals, trace elements which overall promotes growth. It comes in powder form which is mixed in the feed for consumption. There is another variant “Anfagrow Plus” a growth promoter supplement in liquid form which provide the same benefit as this.

Benefits of Grow Up Goat:

  • This goat feed additive helps in improving immunity.
  • Effective in vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Help in reducing mortality ratio.
  • Helps in reducing vitamin deficiency
  • Effective in fatty liver syndrome..
  • Acts as supportive therapy in molting anorexia.
  • Minerals help in better metabolism and tissue building.

Uses and Administrations

For Breeder Goats

Or, as advised for veterinarian consultants.

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2022-06-20 06:53:57

Ajay Pandit
I have also used Anfotal products. that is very nice products.....
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nice produts,,anfotal products are very nice......
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Anfotal products are very nice.....
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2021-08-24 09:54:27

Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.
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Best products,, nice, i used these products.................
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i like Anfotal products very much..thanks....