Goat Kidney Tonic

Kidney is an important organ in the body of goat which is responsible in removing the toxins and other harmful substances from the body. The toxins are fungi which can affect the working of kidney and other organs of the body and it generally comes through the feed and drinking water. Excess of effect of toxins in the body can leads to Kidney damage which heavily influence the health and in worst condition, death. There are many reasons which can affect the proper working of the kidney. One is toxins and the other is the gout problems which is generally known as kidney stones. When there is synthesis of protein in the liver it breakdown and release proteinase. Also, the residue which is left after the synthesis of the protein is uricase which is excreted out from the body with the help of kidney. Excess deposition of uric acid causes gout problem. There is no doubt that kidney is an essential organ which is involved in a wide range of essential body function and its dysfunction cause serious problem and losses in goat farming. Normally enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of these uric acids but when they fail in this the crystals gets started accumulating in the kidney.

To, remove these stones and make the function of kidney back in normal condition there is need to remove all the accumulated crystal from kidney. In this situation we have to provide external kidney tonicor kidney medicines which helps in breakdown of these crystal. Kidney fresher is an excellent medicine for this which contains sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium chloride, vitamin-C etc aids better health of kidney.

Also we can use “Digest plus” an essential liver tonic for goat which help in better digestion of the feed and also improves the liver function and protect the liver from fatty liver syndrome.


  • Acidifies urine and helps in dissolving kidney stones.
  • Improves kidney functions.
  • Prevents urinary deposits and haemorrhages in renal microlesion.
  • Treats renal inflammation caused by toxins.
  • Prevents and control nephrosis.

Uses and administrations

For Dairy Goats

Mild Infections

Goat Kids: 1ml-2ml.
Small Goats: 2ml-4ml.
Large Goats: 4ml-8ml.

Severe Infections

Goat Kids: 2ml-4ml.
Small Goats: 5ml-10ml.
Large Goats: 10ml-15ml.
Or, as advises by veterinarian consultants.

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