Goat Liver supplement

Goat Liver supplement

The liver is an important organ in goats and sheep body which helps in maintaining sound health. It helps the farm animals in better production and growth and provides a shield against various types of diseases. It helps in filtering out the harmful toxic substances from the blood and aids proper digestion of the feed for proper extraction of vital nutrients from it. All these happens when the health of the liver is in top condition. It also requires various types of nutrients that allow proper functioning. These nutrients are fulfilled by the feed like grasses, hays or forages which they eat. Any kind of deficiency lowers the feeding efficiency and affect the metabolic function of the liver and lastly health. Deficiency can be of any kind like Vitamin Deficiency or mineral deficiency. These two deficiencies are very crucial as the whole health of the body and other organs depend upon it. To overcome this there is a need for proper supplementation of feed with feed additives which can help in lowering the deficiency. Goat vitamin supplement and goat trace minerals are the tow which helps in removing the deficiency.
Other than this we should use a liver protective supplement which helps in improving the liver condition and improves its metabolic process. “Liv Pro Plus” is one of the widely used liver supplement which improves liver health. It is composed of various vital elements like choline chloride, L-lysine, Biotin, Vitamin-E for better function of the liver.


  • Prevents liver disease.
  • Regenerates damaged hepatocytes.
  • Increase body weight.
  • Result in better FCR.
  • Improves feed efficiency.
  • Increase fertility.

Uses and Administrations

For Breeder Goats

10gm-15gm/animal/day Goat Kids: 5gm-7gm/Animal/Day.
Through Feed: 1kg ton of Feed.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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