Goat digestions supplements

Goat Digestive Supplement

The liver is an important organ which plays an important role in the body of goats. The liver helps in running many metabolic processes and stimulation of the body which can help in improving the health and growth. The main liver function is to secretes digestive juice which helps in the digestion of the feed and also help in breakdown of the nutrients. The liver helps in breakdown of proteins and fat which provides energy to the body. For all this metabolic and stimulation process there is need of proper supplementation which can provide nutritional value to the liver that promotes its work. During the while, process liver suffers different stressful condition which affects the function. When there is a low level of nutrients in the body, the function gets affected and give rise to different diseases. In this case, there is a need for proper supplementation of liver tonic along with the feed which helps in removing all kind of liver problems. Also we have to protect the liver from fatty liver syndrome which is a condition where excess of fats gets accumulated around the liver.

“Digest Plus” is an essential liver tonic which provides all the vital nutrients to the liver for its better functioning. It is composed of choline chloride, L-lysine, Inositol, Vitamin E for better health. With the consumption of this, it aids better digestion and improves health. Along with this we can use “kidney fresher” an essential goat kidney medicine which helps in removal of toxins and other substances that are produced by the liver. When there is excess breakdown of protein in the body there is formation of uric acid which gets deposited in the kidney during the process of excretion. In this situation we can use this medicine.

Benefits of Digest Plus:

  • Prevent liver disease.
  • Helps in preventing disease.
  • Helps in regenerating damaged hepatocytes.
  • Improves feed efficiency and feed conversion ratio.
  • Provides better digestion of the feed.
  • Improves health, growth and body development.

Uses and administrations

For Dairy Goats

3ml-4ml/20kg body weight for 5-7 days.
Goat Kids: 1ml-2ml/20kg body weight for 5-7 days.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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