Goat Calcium Supplements

Goat Calcium Tonic

In dairy farming of goat, the main aim is to produce maximum quantity of milk. In high producing dairy goats, they secrete calcium in the milk. This calcium comes from their feed which they eat. If the diet which they take is inadequate or unavailable there is depletion of calcium form the bones. The amount of calcium that is present in the feed is important not only for the production of milk but also for maintaining bone integrity in high milk producing goats. Increasing calcium in the diet provides more buffering capacity in the gastrointestinal tract. A slow reacting inorganic calcium source should be fed along with the feed at a higher amount for optimizing the intake of feed and also for improving the milk production.

The general feed of the goat are forages, hays, corn & maze which are fibrous feed which contains low level of calcium in it. We should supplement the goat with calcium tonic which contains calcium that helps in improving the milk production and also improves the bone and structural integrity. We use “Calavian” as calcium tonic for milk production which consist highly bioavailable calcium with Vitamin D3 & B12 along with iron which provide many benefits to the body. With this we can also use goat feed enzymes that can promote better digestion of the feed and absorption of feed nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.


    Calavian is a concentrated source of chelated calcium.
    Highly bioavailability of calcium..
    Less Quantity is required and provides faster mixing.
    Improves body weight and body development. .
    Helps in curing rickets, osteomalacia, leg weakness etc.
    Improves the production of milk.

Uses and Administrations

For Dairy Goats

    10ml to 15ml / day.
    Or, as advised by veterinarian consultant.

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