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Goat Multi Vitamin Tonic

The role of vitamin in the body of goat is very crucial. The vitamin function as critical chemicals in the body’s metabolic process. The deficiency of vitamin in the body of goat can lead to many health-related issues and slows down the metabolic process which results in many deficiency symptoms of vitamins. The Vitamins are divided into two parts fat soluble and water-soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamin consists of A, D, E & K where as water soluble vitamin consists of Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C. The bacteria in the rumen help in synthesizing adequate amount of water soluble vitamin. The level of Vitamin A is fulfilled by synthesizing carotene which is available in green grasses and hays. As long as the intake of these green leafy is adequate the level of Vitamin A is balanced. It is used for normal epithelium, skin and development of vision. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and metabolism of the body. Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause rickets, lameness, weak or crooked bones. Vitamin E functions as antioxidants. It is very important in the areas with marginal or low level of selenium. The common deficiency of vitamin E occurs in new born or young animals.

In the above condition there we can use multivitamin tonic which help in improving the level of vitamin in the body that can improve the health and also improve the metabolic processes. With better metabolic and synthesis, it also helps in improving the fertility in goat which can help in reproducing offspring’s which can support economy. Here we use “Anfaboost AD3E Premium” an essential and recommended multivitamin tonic for breeder goats which consist of all essential vitamin which help in boosting health and immunity. With the daily use of this goat supplement it can provide many health benefits to the body.

Benefits of AD3E Premium:

  • Helps in better stimulation and metabolic process of the body
  • Help in achieving faster growth and weight.
  • Help in removing vitamin deficiency. .
  • Removes Vitamin Deficiency.
  • Improves the formation of muscles mass.
  • Increases appetite

Uses and administrations

For Breeder Goats

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.
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