Goat Kidney medicines

Goat Kidney Health Medicines

The kidney is an indispensable organ in the body of goat animal which helps in evacuating the toxins and different harmful substances from the body. Kidney harm in animal seriously impacts wellbeing and development.In most pessimistic scenario leads to the death of the animal. The reasons behind kidney failure and diseases is the formation of stones which gets accumulated in the kidney that influences the normal working of kidney and lastly health. There is no uncertainty that the kidney is a basic organ which is associated with an extensive variety of basic body capacity and its dysfunction cause significant issue and misfortunes in goat farming. These stones areuric acids that are that are finished results of proteins.Typically,enzymes are in charge of the breakdown of these uric acids however when they failin this the precious stones begin gathering in the kidney. In this way, to evacuate these stones and make the usefulness of kidney back in customary condition there is a need to remove all the totalled stored stones from the kidney. In this situation, we have to give kidney health tonic or kidney medicine which helps in the breakdown of this stone. Kidney fresher is an unfathomable medication for this which contains sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium chloride, supplement C, etc helps better soundness of kidney.


  • Acidifies Urine and help to keep kidney stones dissolved.
  • Prevent Urinary deposits and haemorrhages.
  • Treat renal inflammation caused by toxins.
  • Prevent and control nephrosis.
  • Helps in overcome various stress condition.
  • Helps in the normal functioning of kidney.

Uses and Administrations

For Meat Goats

Mild Infections

Goat Kids: 1ml-2ml.
Small Goats: 2ml-4ml.
Large Goats: 4ml-8ml.

Severe Infections

Goat Kids: 2ml-4ml.
Small Goats: 5ml-10ml.
Large Goats: 10ml-15ml.

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Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.
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